Tuesday, December 29, 2009

etsy christmas...

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I had an awesome time, besides being sick. I've been coughing for over a week now! It seems to be slowing down, so hopefully I'll be better by the weekend!

I spent Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family. It was nice to see my cousin that only comes in from Denver for Christmas! I also got to see my other cousin's two boys. They are super cute. Too bad I had to stay away from them so they wouldn't catch my cold!

I spent Christmas with my boyfriend's family. He's from a small town in Illinois. It's about an hour and a half away from the suburb I live in now. It was soooo different. I grew up in Chicago, so I am not used to wide open spaces! I had a lot of fun meeting everyone. Everyone in his family is super nice and funny!

I got so many wonderful gifts this Christmas. My parents bought me the giant food processor I've been wanting for two years! I bought myself a new Blythe doll (Ice Rune!) and my boyfriend's family seriously spoiled me. It was so unexpected, but I appreciate everything so much!

My boyfriend is the cutest. He didn't really know what to get me for Christmas, so I suggested he check out my etsy favorites and pick something from there. He did such a good job. I love everything (well, obviously, if I hearted it, I better like it!).

He bought me three things from etsy and then a record, that he obviously didn't get there. We're trying to grow our record collection. I bought him Modest Mouse's "The Moon and Antarctica" (hard to find!), for his birthday and the soundtrack to "Where the Wild Things Are" for Christmas. We saw that movie in the theater. Neither of us were that impressed, but we both liked the soundtrack. And I think he has a thing for Karen O. :D I have a feeling vinyl might be 'our thing' for gifting from now on. I love records! Oh and he also bought me a giant bag of Swedish Fish. Those are not pictured because I already started eating them and they may or may not already be gone.

*you are my favorite*

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

holy moly!

I have not posted in over a month! I'm supposed to be getting better at this. I guess I just don't know what to talk about sometimes!

My last craft show that I posted about was a huge success. I had another at a different location this past weekend. The Red Apple Craft Fair was held at a boys and girls' club in Chicago. Twenty percent of the sales were donated to the center. How cool is that? It was really fun!

I've signed up to do the Handmade Market every month through April, so you can come see me there!

I'm super excited I finally put up my Facebook fan page! I already have 71 fans. This is super fun!

I'll post again real soon!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

craft show this weekend!

I'm so excited about my craft fair this weekend. This is the second show I am participating in. Every month, this show is held on the second Saturday of the month at the same venue. The Empty Bottle is such a neat place to hold a craft fair. It's a bar and also a music venue, so you get that music/hipster crowd. I love it! I'm not participating next month, but I have signed up for January through April. I hope I continue to grow my fanbase there. If you are in the Chicago area, come say hi. (And meet my mom! She's coming with me this time!)

Yesterday, I found out about a different show I'll be doing in December. I'll post more details about that as the date gets closer.

Also, I'll be closing my etsy shop tonight in preparation for the show. Hopefully I'll be opened back up on Saturday night!

Friday, November 6, 2009

new wallets!

I'm so excited about this new wallet style! This is my second attempt and I'm pretty happy with it. This particular wallet I made for myself, so I figured it would be good practice. I originally thought I would be using these heavy duty snaps, but I'm worried they will tear the fabric eventually. Especially if I'm just using a cotton on the outside. I thought about velcro, but decided magnetic snaps would work best! I won't get my order of snaps for a couple of weeks, so look for these wallets in my shop in the next few weeks. These things hold EVERYTHING! So cool! You can check out my flickr to see the larger pictures!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

new fabric!

I'll admit, I'm a fabric-a-holic! I love cute fabric! I just wanted to show off some new fabrics coming soon to the shop. I already have card wallets made and I'm working on pouches this weekend. Hopefully, my new wallet pattern will be ready to stock in the shop next week. I'm really excited about it. I hope you like!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I <3 trades!

One of my favorite things about etsy is being able to heart items. I have so many favorites, it's getting out of hand. I wish I could buy everything, but sometimes my bank account just won't allow it! So the next best thing? TRADES! My friend Kelsey over at Workinsprogress, suggested we do a trade. She wanted some pouches. I love her jewelry, so I asked her to make me a special necklace. I bought one from her before and love it, so I asked her to make something similar in different colors. And boy did she deliver! Of course I forgot to take a picture of her package when it arrived, but I'll take a pic of the goodies she sent soon. I just wanted to show you what I made for her. She already knows, so I'm not spoiling a surprise!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Artist Interview!

I apologize for the lack of updates! I've been working on some new designs that will be in the shop soon!

In the meantime, read this fun interview my Twitter friend eyeletsage posted on her blog:


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

rain, rain go away!

The rain always makes me so lazy! I guess it's going to rain until Thursday, so I need to get my sew on! I'll be cutting lots of fabric tonight!

So I finally finished a mini tote that I've been working on last night. This one is just a sample - aka keeping for myself! I thought about making it in different color canvases with contrasting straps. I think it's really cute and holds a lot for its size. I hope to add it to the shop later this week or weekend. What do you think?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

yart sale this weekend!

My yart sale over at etsy ends today! Free shipping on orders over $20! Check it out! Make sure you search for 'yart' all over etsy for some great deals!

Friday, June 12, 2009

pile o' wristlets

My friend, Tina, is getting married today. So exciting.

She had been checking out my etsy shop and she really wanted to give her bridesmaids some kind of bag as a gift. She decided on my wristlets. We messaged back and forth figuring out exactly what she wanted. I sent her links so she could see all the different fabric I had. Instead of picking out what she liked, she told me to make them all different! And she told me to pick out the fabric! The torture! It was difficult to choose, but I think they all turned out super cute.


welcome to my new blog! thanks to all my etsy/twitter friends, i've been inspired to start up a blog. i'm not sure what will be included here. i guess i will play it by ear!

i hope you like what i have to say! leave comments! yay!