Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 days of lists. catch up day!

I had a crazy busy weekend, so I am playing catch up on my daily projects! here are my lists for the weekend!

day 12. weekly rituals.

monday - 
tuesday - post office
wednesday - errands
thursday - post office
friday - 
saturday - watch parks & recreation, portlandia and pit boss
sunday - order dinner, watch bob's burgers, californication, mad men, true blood, the walking dead

I don't have many rituals these days. mostly the post office on tuesdays and thursdays. the closest post office doesn't have parking, so it's the biggest pain in the butt to go to. so I made it so I only have to go twice a week!

wednesdays are sometimes errand day, but really any day can be errand day.

we usually stay up a little later watching tv on fridays after wes gets home from work. saturdays we watch the shows we missed during the week.

on sunday we sometimes will order dinner to be delivered and we watch some tv shows depending on what season we are in. as you can see by the list...

list 13. diys i want to try.

oops. I forgot to put a fancy filter on this photo!

- redoing thrifted furniture
- slip covers
- curtains/pillows
- headboard

I seriously tried everything before I decided to stick with sewing. knitting, crochet, jewelry making, resin, so I don't have much to list. I am mostly interested in sewing things for my home. I wanted to make kitchen curtains for my last apartment, but never got around to it, same with pillows! maybe I will get my butt in gear for our new house.

list 14. things I love about: being vegan.

- helping animals and environment
- healthier
- maintain healthy weight
- I love fruit!
- eating!
- learning to cook
- trying new foods
- buying cookbooks

ok, so I like to eat! I love buying new cookbooks and drooling over recipes and eventually making them! I also love when I make something and my non-vegan family members love it! that's so exciting!

that is all for now. I'll have another post later about a giveaway!



  1. i <3 this and went over to the 30 days of lists blog - since I'm new to blogging thought this might be a good way to ease me into it! btw, I'm in your Indie 3.0 class. Thanks for sharing.


  2. hi Amanda! I'm glad this will help you, I thought the same thing since I am fairly new to blogging as well! can't wait to check out your lists!