Friday, March 11, 2011

30 days of lists. day 11.

date night ideas

- flat top
- target
- movies
- tv
- rock band
- drew's eatery delivery
- concert

ok. we are dorks and we don't go out much. neither one of us really drink, so we were never the 'let's go hang out at a bar' kind of couple. we are homebodies and we like to hang out with our pup. we both like to eat, but there are only a few places we can go because I am vegan. Wes is not even vegetarian. (*shock*) but he is a really good sport about going to my favorite veggie restaurants.

the boiler room is a new pizza place we discovered recently and it's only one train stop away! they have regular pizza and vegan pizza with vegan cheese and vegan meats! it's vegan heaven!

the chicago diner is my favorite place to go. they have vegan shakes! we will go there for my birthday, so I will write about that later.

karyn's on green is a vegan restaurant we haven't tried yet. it's kinda fancy!

drew's eatery is vegan friendly and they deliver! and they have shakes! can you tell I like ice cream?

we haven't been to a concert in forever! we need to go soon! millennium park has free outdoor concerts in the summer. too bad we can't bring panda!

I don't think we will be doing any of these ideas this weekend besides the tv watching part. tomorrow we are going house hunting! yay! I will be sure to take photos of any crazy things we come across. I'm not sure anything will ever top what we found in one house:

the whole bathroom was carpeted and then you had to walk up steps to walk into the tub. and there was no shower. so weird.

sunday we are going to a wedding shower for wes' brother and fiance. there will be lots of driving because his family lives almost 2 hours away! fun times will be had! panda gets to come. I'm sure she's excited.


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