Tuesday, March 8, 2011


just wanted to share some photos from today.

this is lonnie, one of my blythe dolls. she was the model for my 'a doll a day' photo project today. i wouldn't be able to do this project without my iphone and the instagram app!

this is me.
i need a haircut. definitely before i renew my drivers' license in the next two weeks.
also, i haven't dyed my hair since august! i had been dying it for almost 12 years. my mom started going gray when she was 20, so every year i check my head. no grays yet! so i thought i would enjoy my natural hair color for a while.

my favorite puppers, panda.
her favorite game is to steal something that isn't hers and make you chase her!
she stole my pj pants from the bedroom!