Wednesday, March 23, 2011

birthday birthday!

i had a great birthday yesterday. i still don't feel 30.
it's so weird to say!

we started the day with lunch at chicago diner. my favorite.

i had a lucky leprechaun shake. it was chocolate soy ice cream, mint syrup, vegan marshmallows, chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle. yum! we also had teese sticks for an appetizer!

i had the dagwood sandwich with sweet potato fries. this is my favorite sandwich, but they changed the bread and now it's impossible to eat. it used to come on two buns, but now they just pile the contents of what would be two sandwiches onto one bun. sadness.

my parents sent me a funny card.

wes had to work all day. boo. so i got a piece of cake to go for later.

i made panda sing happy birthday and i wore a birthday button.

it was a nice, relaxing day. we will go to my parents' house on saturday to celebrate some more!


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