Monday, March 7, 2011

weekend recap. 30 days of lists.

so I was a slacker yesterday! isn't that what the weekend is for? I think I only accomplished a few of my weekend goals. I cleaned for the condo showing (I didn't have a choice!) and I took one blythe photo. I need to catch up tonight! we went to my brother's house on saturday night. it was nice to hang out with my family and see my nieces. scarlett, the one year old, can now say hi and doggie! so cute! and of course my 9 year old niece, ashley (her cousin) was trying to teach her to say butt while we were eating dinner. how appropriate!

yesterday we had the condo showing and had to get out of the house for a little while. we went to petsmart because we couldn't leave panda at home and then stopped at chipotle to pick up lunch. veggie burrito bol yum! I love the chipotle ordering app. it's so awesome!

panda's new favorite toys are these ropes she pulled out of a rubbery stick toy, so we bought her a fabric rope ball at petsmart. she really likes it! yay! we also bought her another treat toy because she has figured out the kong too quick. the new treat toy is trash already! if anyone has any toy recommendations for heavy chewers, I would love to hear them!

after our outing, we were pretty much lazy the rest of the day. we watched bob's burgers, californication and the movie youth in revolt. I love bob's burgers! so funny!

on to the lists!!!

day 6
least favorite words

the 'other' c word
bachelorette party

for some reason, when I was in college my art professors were obsessed with the word 'ambiguous' and it drove me nuts. so I still hate it.

cancer. obviously not the sound, but what it actually is.

the other c word. it's very hurtful if someone has ever called you that. it stings.

bachelorette party. ok again, not the actual word, but what it is. ok. i hate bachelorette parties. I think they are dumb. no one throw me one. (not that I'm having any bridesmaids in my wedding.)

bridezilla. every time i see that word, I say it in my head like the show. it's annoying.

day 7
blog goals

to actually keep blogging!
get more followers!
make friends!

so I started this blog almost two years ago and have blogged very sporadically. (does that word remind anyone else of the movie 'clueless'?) my goal is to keep blogging! plain and simple!

ok, get more followers. this isn't 2003 and i'm not trying to see how many myspace friends I can get. basically what I mean is, I want to blog and I want to be interesting and I want people to want to read what I have to say. so I guess if I have more followers, that means I'm getting better at blogging!

make friends. I have twitter friends, blythe friends, flickr friends, etc. I love internet buddies and I just think blogging is another way to meet new people and share ideas. I love it!

so now that I've shared some more lists, what are your least favorite words? blog goals?
I wanna know!

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  1. My least favorite words include:
    moist (feels weird to say, and I'm not a water person)
    feminazi (which is not even really a word)
    panties (I say underwear instead)

    My goal this past few months has been to post on my blog at least once a day, if not more. So far I've been doing pretty well. I found a plugin for Wordpress that allows me to see a calendar and schedule posts in advance (you can do that without the calendar, but this way I can visualize it more easily) and that has made it easy to do. I've also made a goal to try to take more pictures, which in turn allows me to make more blog posts. I love how good things can feed off one another like that!