Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what's in your bag?

here is mine!

this is my everyday bag. it's one of the crossbody bag styles I sell in the shop made with a black canvas. I love that it is big enough to hold a lot and I can wear it across my chest, so it's hands free! especially helpful when walking a crazy dog!

I have three buttons on my bag and I didn't make any of them! the wooden heart pin by spinalfusion has a really cute owl stamp in blue. I bought that at one of the handmade markets a few months ago. then there is a super cute blythe pin I got when I placed some dolly order. I don't even remember where it came from, but I love it! and last, but not least, I must advertise my fiance's music website, HEAVEmedia!

ok, now to what is in the bag.

- iphone 4. <3 can't say much else about it!
- keys - love my owl keychain!
- besu long wallet in coffee break of course!
- raspberry pie ala mode VEGAN lip balm by epically epic soap co
- shikai dry skin therapy hand cream. the only lotion I will use!
- trader joe's receipt and costco coupons
- gym membership card
- business cards
- 2 envirosax reusable shopping bags. I love that they roll up so small!
- tissue
- besu zip pouch that I keep my phone in!
- oh and I see my joann's shopping list in the photo below!

what's in your bag?


  1. I am definitely going to need to snag a zip pouch. Barter for a couple laundry soaps? Only if you liked it, that is!

  2. I would love to try out your laundry soap!!!