Monday, February 28, 2011

spring cleaning!

one of the newest branches of the 'offbeat' empire launches this week, offbeat home, and I'm super excited! one of the first articles I read was about cleaning your home. I wish I could say our condo was always clean, but sometimes we get lazy. or we are just plain tired. unfortunately when that happens, we start to leave things til it gets bad and then we waste an entire weekend day cleaning. not fun! this article basically talks about cleaning every day for 20 minutes. sounds easy to me! it links to an article on apartment therapy that gives you a list numbered 1-30 to get you started on your month of cleaning. other tips include washing dishes after every meal and doing some laundry every day or as needed so it doesn't pile up. the list gives you a cleaning task that shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. if you keep up every day, your home should be much easier to keep clean. I'm happy I found this right before a new month begins. I'm going to print out the list and keep it on my refrigerator and hopefully start a new cleaning routine!

what kind of routine do you have to keep your home clean?
happy spring cleaning!


  1. I hadn't read this before, but this is exactly what I try to do. Loading the dishes right into the dishwasher is a big one, and then emptying the dishwasher asap (because if we don't, then we end up leaving dishes on the counter since the dishwasher is clean, and that defeats the whole purpose). Keeping up with the piles of -stuff- is the part that really helps, though. Mail, receipts, and all that kind of stuff tends to pile up and then suddenly I'll be like - this place is a sty! I've also been trying lately to make sure the kitchen counter, dining room table, and living room coffee table are clear of stuff each night. It works when I keep up with it!

  2. I am the worst cleaner. I'm great at organizing...but horrible with cleaning. Because I don't do it often enough, as you mentioned, I get overwhelmed and it just piles up even more. Blah!

    As Anne said, mail and stuff! Seriously, it sickens me how much paper is wasted with all the junk mail we get.