Sunday, February 7, 2010

surprise arrival!

I had a pretty exciting week! My sister in law ended up giving birth 10 days early! Gina, my sister in law was supposed to be due on February 12th. She wasn't feeling well on Monday, so her doctor instructed her to go to the hospital. Her blood pressure was pretty high, so they decided to induce on Tuesday morning. So at 3:26pm my new niece, Scarlett Autumn was born! I went to see her on Wednesday. She is super cute. They were going to bring her home on Thursday, but the doctors wanted her to stay because she was jaundice. They finally brought her home last night. My brother took this with his Iphone when they got home.

Isn't she adorable??? Love her. I can't wait to have my own. haha. I went shopping at Target the other day and I couldn't resist their baby clothes. Seriously, they have the cutest stuff ever! So I bought her a few things.

Hopefully I get to see her soon! I'll post another update later!


  1. She is so adorable! And I love the super cute clothes - especially the "I love my Aunt" outfit! ;)

  2. Stephanie- It's so cheesy, but I couldn't resist! LOL.

  3. Scarlett Autumn ... wow what a beautiful name .
    congrats :} how exciting !

  4. congrats Beth! I love being an aunt!