Friday, November 19, 2010

renegade craft fair

so I've been spending this last week frantically sewing for my next craft show. it's the renegade craft fair holiday show in chicago. you have no idea how excited I am. I have always been a crafty nerd even before I didn't really know how to sew. I remember going to the earlier renegades in the summer. like when it was in actual wicker park and it rained and it was all muddy. ew. (I've actually never been to the holiday show before!) and I would always get that internet celebrity shock. like omg, I KNOW that girl's stuff! I've seen it online. OMG! so this craft fair is a huge deal to me. not that I'm an internet celebrity, but just to be accepted is an honor really. It's such a big show!! I guess this means next summer I'm going to have to apply for the regular show. :) to cut costs and to not go into this blindly, I applied with cordinated. Juli and Dan did this show last year as their first ever!! and they also were at the summer fair. check out their shop. they have some really great things for musicians. sadly, my guitar is in my parents' closet collecting dust. my fingers could just never get those chords. :P

anyway, I hope you chicago peeps come say hi! booth #68!


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