Thursday, April 7, 2011

handmade market

i've been so busy this week! i had a few custom wallet orders to complete earlier in the week. both turned out super cute.

i had to take wes to the dentist yesterday. he doesn't have a car and it's not easily accessible by public transportation, so i had to sit there for 2 hours!! at least i had a good magazine to read!

 i've been sewing for the handmade market at the empty bottle this weekend! super excited!
next weekend is the urban folk circuit at the grafton pub, so i have more sewing to do next week!

i'm stocking up on pouches, but i'm waiting on a zipper order, so i couldn't get many made. i also sewed some more coin pouches because most of them sold in my etsy shop already! they are so cute. i want to make one for myself, but i have to figure out what fabric to use!

in other news, we put an offer on a house we looked at last weekend! i'm excited to hear if  we will get it! here is a photo from one of the bathrooms:

ok, i'm kidding about that one. but that was one of the bathrooms in a house we looked at. you can see my reflection in the wallpaper! whut?! crazy!

i will keep you posted on the house. if you are in the chicago area, make sure you stop by the handmade market on saturday!



  1. that bathroom is rockin';)
    good luck with all your shows lately- you're awesome;)

  2. Good luck at the shows! I'm totally not surprised the coin pouches already sold - they're so cute! It's funny, I'd totally forgotten about it but I remember spending time in a house with that kind of reflective metallic flocked wallpaper when I was a kid. Crazy!

  3. I hope your shows this weekend went well!