Monday, January 6, 2014

make it monday

I'm trying to come up with weekly themes that will help me get into the habit of blogging regularly, so for my first weekly theme, I have 'make it monday!' I will be sharing any craft projects I've worked on during the previous week.

I have a friend, Stephanie, that I met on Twitter in 2009. She was an 'internet' friend for a while, but she became an IRL friend in 2011 when she traveled from Arizona to Chicago for my wedding! Stephanie has always been my biggest besu fan, so for gift-giving occasions I always sew her up something special. I wanted to do something different for Christmas this past year because you can only have so many pouches, people! I racked my brain for a little while until my coworker surprised me with this mug:

My coworker's sister lives in Bend and she was planning on going there for Thanksgiving. We were talking about Portland and how much I wanted to go there right before she left. I was very excited when she brought this back for me. I love the little bike! So anyway, I thought it would be a cute idea to send my friend Stephanie a Chicago version for Christmas! 

I came across this pin on Pinterest and knew that I had to make her some coasters to go with the mug! The tutorial is super easy. This was actually my first time 'quilting.' I use this term loosely! I loved this project because I was able to use up some scraps of my favorite fabrics that were too small to be used in any other project. Sometimes you just can't throw them away! The coffee cup fabric is one of my favorites and I never made anything for myself out of it! I actually made four of each, but I thought it would be cute to split them up so they were all a little different. I kept a set for myself too! Also, the tutorial is for circle coasters. I REALLY love the look of the circles, but I am pretty terrible at sewing curves, so I stuck with squares! :) Here is my finished project!

What are your favorite handmade gifts to give?

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  1. I love these coasters! I have several boxes of fabric scraps that are pretty much too small to do much with but I can't seem to let go of - this would be a perfect use for them! (Well, some - I don't think I know enough people to use up all of the fabric I've hoarded.) This xmas I did hats for most people, along with a few scarves and cowls.